I specialize in bridal makeup, grad/prom makeup, special events, mature makeup, boudoir makeup, beauty makeup, Halloween/Pride/festival makeup and more! Feel free to inquire about the look you have in mind by contacting me here or at info@vixenbeautybrilliance.com.

Classic – $50

Classic makeup is perfect for every occasion. Using the natural beauty you already possess, I will class it up making you ready for any event while not overdoing it. Subtle, classic, and beautiful.

Date Night Drama – $60

Looking forward to that hot date? Maybe it’s a first date, or an anniversary with your loved one. Either way, I’ll make you look and feel beautiful.

Bridal – $70

For the blushing bride, a classy yet bold look for your special day. You’re already going to look beautiful for your wedding day; let’s make your makeup match that beautiful dress.

Glam – $70

Ready for a night on the town? Or maybe you have an exciting event to attend? Either way, the glam look is for you! With a bold look and colours, you’re ready for any night out.

Prom Night Glam – $80

You only graduate once! This combination of bold and subtle makes for the perfect look on your prom or grad night.

Colour with Glitter – $80

If you’re looking for a bold look with tons of colours and glitter, this is the look for you! Because sometimes we all want to be the belle of the ball.

Halloween and Festival – $120 to $220

Halloween and festival makeup ranges from $120 to $220 depending on the look you want and how long it will take. Contact me here or at info@vixenbeautybrilliance.com with all inquiries for Halloween and festival makeup so we can find the look that is perfect for you!

Communication is key for maintaining any great work related relationship. With that being said, if you have booked a date with me and are unable to come in please give me 24 hour notice for canceling or else you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee.  

Have a look in mind that isn’t listed? Contact me here or email info@vixenbeautybrilliance.com with your ideas, and I’ll be happy to give you a price for that perfect look!